Publications: a summary of 10 years of publishing

October 4th, 2019

The Ecosystem Change Ecology team has recently passed 200 peer-reviewed publications from the last 10 years.


We aim to develop and deliver a project portfolio that mixes high impact science with both applied on-ground relevance and leading edge science excellence.  A key component of the latter outcome is scientific publications.  Starting in mid-2009, when Raphael Didham and Bruce Webber joined John Scott, through to today where the team has expanded to include between two and three additional research scientists, the team has published a total of 210 peer reviewed publications.


Figure 1: Team research scientist FTEs (blue line) against total annual peer reviewed publications (green bars).

Figure 2: Annual citation counts for Google Scholar (green) and Web of Science (blue) for team publications.

Figure 3: Distribution of journal Impact Factor ratings for the 173 papers in journals with impact factors.

Figure 3: Distribution of journal Impact Factor ratings for the 173 papers in journals with impact factors.


Over this 10 year period, this represents an average of 21 publications a year from between 1.5 and 4 research scientist FTEs (Figure 1).  Our team publications have come from research covering a range of national and international collaborations, via student supervision and mentoring, and work done with our affiliates and fellows.

Bibliometrics from these publications reveal high levels of engagement with our work  (Table 1; Figure 2).  Five of these papers have been awarded ISI Highly Cited status.  These publications include a significant number of high impact, field leading journals, including Nature, Science, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Nature Communications, Biological Reviews and PNAS.  Together, the 173 publications in journals with Impact Factors have a mean impact factor of 5.68 (median: 4.092; Figure 3).

Table 1: Bibliometrics for team peer reviewed publications over the 10 year period since mid-2009
Publications Total
Total citations h-index i-10 index
ISI Web of Science 210 189 4354 31 74
Google Scholar 204 6755 38 94

Since 2015, as science has turned to social media, 36 of the 113 papers from the team over this period have an Altmetric score above 20, with 8 publications in the top 98th ‘attention percentile for papers of the same age’, and a further 29 in the top 90th percentile.

You can download a a list of the 210 peer reviewed publications here [download PDF] or you can find more of our publications via the Google Scholar, Web of Science and ResearchGate links on our people page.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like copies of any of our work.