New team member: Karen Bell

August 21st, 2016

Welcome to Karen Bell, a new joint position between CSIRO and UWA


Karen Bell will join the Ecosystem Change Ecology team in October 2016 as a joint position between CSIRO and the University of Western Australia, where she will be a Lecturer in Plant Ecology in the School of Plant Biology. Her research uses population genetics, phylogenetics and biogeography to address questions in evolutionary biology, long-distance species dispersal, and plant-insect interactions. Recently, Karen’s research has focused on the boababs (Adansonia species), and species of the genus Acacia s.l. and their natural and human-mediated spread into and throughout Australia, but she has worked on a broad range of other plant and insect species. She is also working on method development in DNA metabarcoding of pollen, and is interested in finding new applications for these methods. You can find out more about Karen’s work here, find her publications here, and view her profile at The Conversation here.