New appointment: a new Editor-in-Chief for Insect Conservation and Diversity

January 1st, 2016

Raphael Didham has recently been appointed the new Editor-in-Chief at Insect Conservation and Diversity, taking over from Simon Leather.

IC&DCoverThe recent 2014 Thomson-Reuters journal citation rankings show Insect Conservation and Diversity rising rapidly through the top quartile of Entomology journals (to 11th out of 92 journals), with an impact factor of 2.174.

Learn more about where the journal has come from and where it plans to go with recent research trends in insect diversity and insect conservation studies by reading the January 2016 editorial:

Didham, R.K., Leather, S.R. & Basset, Y. (2016) Circle the bandwagons – challenges mount against the theoretical foundations of applied functional trait and ecosystem service research. Insect Conservation and Diversity 9: 1-3. [View Article]