Research note: Banksia woodland fieldwork

January 11th, 2016


Clockwise from top right: Juliana sampling Xanthorrhoea preissii (Xanthorroheaceae); banksia woodland fieldwork; Stylidium brunonianum (Stylidiaceae); Pollanisus sp. (Burnet moth; Zygaenideae); Diuris sp. (Donkey orchid; Orchidaceae) Photos: © Juliana Pille Arnold.

The recent fieldwork season has been a busy one for PhD student Juliana Pille Arnold. From September to December 2015 she collected data on plant-pollinator interactions in degraded landscapes of the Swan Coastal Plain in Western Australia, a global biodiversity hotspot.  Collection of insects, plants and pollen samples was carried out in several fragments of Banksia woodlands.  Juliana aims to fill crucial research gaps in the study of impacts of environmental change on insect pollinators, and to produce outcomes applicable to the management of pollination services in modified systems.