A performance for our planet

March 28th, 2019

An ambitious concert by the Perth Symphony Orchestra exploring the relationship between music and the environment

The Perth Symphony Orchestra’s Performance for our Planet. Photo: Richard Jefferson

The Ecosystem Change Ecology team’s Bruce Webber joined the Perth Symphony Orchestra in a night of musical offerings, evocative visuals and talks from leading environmental experts.  Held in the Perth Town Hall, the project set out to celebrate both the unique Western Australian landscape and the achievements and aspirations of those working desperately to protect it from environmental ruin.

Images of Western Australian landscapes, including a number of images from the ECE team, were projected onto large screens in the venue as part of a coordinated effort of lighting and sound design to emmerse the audience in Western Australian biodiversity.

The evening was divided into four ‘chapters’ – Thriving Oceans, Drought Mitigation, Renewables, and Protecting Biodiversity. Each chapter paired a musical interlude from the PSO with a discussion between the scientific experts and TedX Perth’s CEO, Gavin Buckley.   Bruce spoke on the challenging issue of how we can all be part of the action required to improve the protection of biodiversity in our state, and how important this challenge is for the future of our nation.

Bruce Webber speaks with Gavin Buckley at the Perth Symphony Orchestra’s Performance for our Planet. Photo: Richard Jefferson

Leading up to the event, Bruce spoke with the PSO’s Founder and CEO, Bourby Webster about links between music and the environment, the secret, saucy lives between wasps and orchids, and musical backgrounds.  Listen to their chat on the Perth Symphony Orchestra Soundcloud playlist here.