New publication: cover image with Biological Reviews

October 7th, 2016

To core, or not to core, that is the question.

A recent team manuscript led by Edward Tsen has been published this week in Biological Reviews.  We are really pleased that one of the figures was also selected as the cover image:


Tsen et al. (2016): An increment corer is often used to extract tree heartwood for analysis.  However, this technique can have severe impacts on the health and longevity of the live tree as illustrated in the tree-trunk cross-sections.  Responsible study design should therefore consider the risks that deep tissue sampling can have upon subject trees.

Read more by downloading the paper here.

Tsen, E.W.J., Sitzia, T. & Webber, B.L. (2016) To core, or not to core: the impact of coring on tree health and a best-practice framework for collecting dendrochronological information from living trees. Biological Reviews 91: 899-924.