Job opportunity: come join our team!

October 21st, 2020

Research Scientist position in Global Change Ecology



This position requires skills in biosecurity (as it relates to invasive species management) and plant or invertebrate ecology, and will be based with the Ecosystem Change Ecology team in Perth, Western Australia. The role is required to conduct innovative research using the latest advances in empirical ecology in field and controlled condition environments.  With a focus on developing science-based solutions for invasive species management, your research may involve:

  • elucidating ecological impacts of invasive species,
  • identifying interventions for invasive species management,
  • empirical research on ecology and ecophysiology of focal invasive species, and
  • mitigating the impact of global environmental change on invasive species threats.

The position will provide leadership to the Ecosystem Change Ecology team. This multidisciplinary team generates knowledge on the mechanistic links and synergistic interactions between landscape change, species invasions and their impacts on terrestrial ecosystems. The team works within the Weed Management Systems Group of the Health and Biosecurity Business Unit and collaborates closely with other business units (e.g. Land & Water, Oceans & Atmosphere). This multi-disciplinary, multi-location group undertakes research to help with the management of invasive species and global environmental change in natural and/or agricultural ecosystems in Australia. The team has strong links with the University of Western Australia via collaborative research and student supervision and undertakes research with a network of collaborators and on behalf of clients both in Australia and overseas.

If you would like to know more or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.