New team members: Noboru Ota, Mark Wong & Sam Lymbery

February 15th, 2022

New members join the Ecosystem Change Ecology team

We have gained three new team members in recent months.

Noboru Ota, who has joined the team formally after many years of prior collaboration across numerous projects.  Noboru brings skills in geospatial analyses and programming, which he applies to global change questions across agricultural and natural landscapes.

Sam Lymbery has joined the team as a Forrest Prospect Fellow, where he is working across the University of Western Australia and CSIRO Health & Biosecurity to devise innovative new approaches to the management of invasive ants. The aim of Sam’s current research is to use our well-established knowledge of behavioural ecology to disrupt the social structure of invasive ants with targeted biochemicals and pheromones.

Mark Wong, a new Forrest Fellow in the Ecosystem Change Ecology team

Mark Wong is the second of our Forrest Fellows and has recently joined the team after finishing a postdoc with the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research.  He is working across University of Western Australia and CSIRO Health & Biosecurity as part of his fellowship. Mark has research interests in the community and invasion ecology of terrestrial arthropods, and the use of trait-based approaches to understand the causes and consequences of changing biodiversity.

We welcome these new colleagues and are already enjoying the contributions they have been making to the team!