CliMond climate data: The CliMond archive is a set of free climate data products, modelling tools, and the home of the Bioclim registry.

The ExDet tool: The ExDet tool is robust and insightful quantitative method for exploring novelty for, and interpreting projections from, correlative species distribution modelling.


The SAFE Project: The Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) project is a pioneering landscape experiment to investigate the ecological implications of the conversion of tropical rainforest to intensive oil palm plantation in Malaysian Borneo.

The Centre for Invasion Biology: The CIB is based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and undertakes work to reduce the rates and impacts of biological invasions by furthering scientific understanding and predictive capability, and by developing research capacity.

ERIE Research Group: Led by Richard Hobbs, the Ecosystem Restoration & Intervention Ecology (ERIE) Research Group focuses on the processes that lead to the degradation of ecosystems and the mechanisms by which they can be conserved and restored.

• The Forest Ecology and Conservation Group: Led by Rob Ewers at Imperial College, the group focuses on spatial patterns of forest cover and the biodiversity contained within those forests.

The Tylianakis Lab: Based at the University of Canterbury and led by Jason Tylianakis, the team focuses on a broad range of topics in community ecology, including food webs and mutualist networks, global environmental change, biodiversity, ecosystem functioning/services and pollination.

• The Plant Physiology Research Group: Based at the University of Melbourne and led by Ian Woodrow, the group undertakes research on plant secondary metabolism, particularly in the context of Australian trees.

Yves Basset: Based at Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Yves has a broad portfolio of work focusing on insect-plant interactions and herbivory in the tropics.

Patrick Heuret: A senior researcher with INRA based in French Guiana with the Ecologie des Forêts de Guyane (ECOFOG) group, Patrick is a botanist specialising in plant architecture and dendrochronology to understand structure-function relationships in tropical forests.

The Laurance Lab: Based at James Cook University and led by Bill Laurance, the group conducts environmentally-oriented research that has practical applications for the real world.

Teja Tscharntke: Based at the University of Goettingen, Teja works on biodiversity patterns and associated ecosystem functioning at different spatial and temporal scales.

 • Etienne Laliberte: Based at the Université de Montréal, Etienne is a plant ecologist with interests in both natural and human-modified ecosystems using observational and experimental approaches to understand vegetation patterns, especially plant functional composition and diversity.

David Wardle: Based at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, David’s research research explores the links between above ground and below ground communities and their consequences for ecosystem functioning.

Rachel Standish: Based at Murdoch University, Rachel has a broad interest in ecology and its application to the management and restoration of native ecosystems.